Monday, November 2, 2015

Mystory Conclusion: The Wide-Site Image

The Wide-Site Image is the subject of the final Mystory post. It concludes and sums up the other Mystories. I looked at the topics of each post as well as the way I created the posts and have attempted to gather and reflect them in this post. 

Of the several themes I saw, I guess the first was the importance of the people in my life. The thing that I loved about hiking mountain peaks was not simply the thin, wispy air and great heights. I loved it because my dad was there. With camping it was the same; my family was there: my mom and dad and sisters. And what made leaving Colorado hard was not so much leaving the state, but leaving the rest of our family.


In addition to these pictures of my family, I have chosen a picture of a scene from C. S. Lewis's book, Prince Caspian. In the book the main characters, the four Pevensie children, are lost in the woods because of their stubbornness and foolishness. And then Aslan, the Great Lion, comes. He rescues them. I have chosen this partly because I love the way C. S. Lewis saw wonder in everything. That is a quality I want to have. But the foremost reason I picked this is that I believe this reflects and explains who I am. I was lost in that wood. I was (and often still am) foolish and stiff-necked. Mperfectionism can sometimes be good but other times it is just stubbornness. And I know the love I had for the people at the nursing home, the love that pushed me past me fear, did not simply come from me. But because He found me, the compassion and care I have shown is of Christ, the Great Lion. 
Justin Sweet  Running to Aslan, the Great Lion.