Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mystory VII

The Quest Schema (Ulmer 182)

In the movie The Mask of Zorro, I think Alejandro's ORDINARY WORLD was living as an outlaw with his brother. His INNER PROBLEM is his guilt that while his brother was murdered (by the army captain, his main enemy), he walks away unscathed. The oppression the people feel under the corrupt governor is the OUTER PROBLEM. I think the old Zorro is the DONOR, as he TESTS Alejandro with difficult training and rewards him with the MAGIC TOOL of intellectual strategy and physical skill. This then allows him to enter into the SPECIAL WORLD of influence and honor. Throughout the movie there are several minor ORDEALS but the main ORDEAL is in the movies climax near the end. The governor and captain have been illegally mining gold from a foreign mine. In a cover up scheme they plan to blow up the mine with the workers locked inside. In the final battle, the MAGIC TOOL allows the new Zorro (Alejandro) to defeat the villains, especially the captain, resolving the OUTER PROBLEM by liberating the people from the governor. This also resolves Alejandro's INNER PROBLEM by allowing vengeance for his brother's death and allows him to find love in marriage to the original Zorro's daughter.

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