Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mystory IV

Decision Scene

When it comes to making decisions, I often stand undecided until forced to choose by the situation. For this reason I've decided to use an image of the tide coming in. While the image above is an extreme example, it communicates the same idea: the tide is inevitable, it always comes. And when it comes I choose, and I usually need to run.


My definition of boredom is envelope stuffing. Looking back, there weren't many times when I was bored, however, one time stands out. 

My aunt and uncle used to own a pharmacy and gift shop in a small town. While there weren't many people in town, their pharmacy was the only one for miles around. Because of this, it was fairly popular. One year our family stayed with them for a few days and helped them with inventory and other odd jobs, or at least that's what I'm told. I actually don't know much about what "we" did that day. Why? Because my sister and I got stuck with the job of stuffing envelopes. We sat in a back room for hours, till the monotony was almost unbearable. The worst part was the never ending stacks. That, and the feeling of being trapped by the fact that the only way out was through completing what seemed like an impossible and painfully useless task.


Going back to memories of our move from Colorado, I remember the thing that made it most difficult was leaving friends and family. This picture is of me and my cousin on the 4th of July. We had already moved to Oklahoma by this time and had met our family halfway between here and there. I sat with her and my other cousins in a Kansas parking lot and watched fireflies and fireworks. The drive home was different than other drives. It wasn't boring but it was hard. It was quiet.


  1. Elijah, near or far, I believe you're always in her heart. That little gal ADORES YOU!

  2. I wonder if the endlessness of mail is what makes being a letter carrier so difficult as well? Your image of the wave of water was remarkable. I love the picture of you and your cousin and your description of having to leave her was sad but beautifully expressed.