Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mystory II: Term Extensions

Mystory II: Term Extensions

"What sort of craft makes a good metaphor for developing knowledge in your career field?"

When I think of Biology, I think of discovery. I think of finding and seeing new things. Because of this, I will parallel it to glass-making, specifically window making. The earliest windows were difficult to see through and were often deformed in the center where the glass blower's pipe was once connected, as depicted in the first image below. The more advanced the technique, the better you are able to see through it, opening up your view to the world beyond (Image 2). As technology has improved in the biological field it has allowed humanity to view our world as never before, with more clarity than we could have imagined, even just decades ago.

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  1. Beautiful use of a craft to illustrate your point, and the older version of a glass window versus the newer one makes for an excellent comparison.